Gomdolee to Focus on the U.S. Market

As of 11/16/2018, Gomdolee reaffirms its position on a strong U.S. bull market. Gomdolee sees more volatile market until March Fed meeting. Gomdolee is conservative on its market performance until next March, as Gomdolee would acquire high growth stocks for the following months.

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Regarding G-Star

Gomdolee regrets to inform all that Gomdolee would not be investing in Korean companies at the moment. Gomdolee was really amazed by Ryan from Kakao Friends and Blade & Soul Revolution. Especially, Blade & Soul Revolution was much better from its predecessor, Lineage II Revolution. It is unfortunate that from following years Won would lose so much value resulting huge exchange losses. Much details to be followed.

Thank you everyone for hearthwarming welcome.