Gomdolee is committed to enhance the financial and civic interests of the Yang family. Gomdolee invests family’s capital in businesses with potential to create long-term value. Ultimately, Gomdolee aims to build and sustain an international platform that fully utilizes the strategic resources of various investment techniques.

Unlike typical investment firms, Gomdolee is managing its own capital without any restrictions. Gomdolee suggests a refreshing alternative for companies and executives in search of committed partners who understand and value the long-term goal of the companies’ perspective over time.

Also, Gomdolee is committed to furthering its access to world by providing a series of simple but thought-provoking fragments. Gomdolee hopes its partners would be able to easily put into practice the ideas emanating from these thought fragments.


As a private family office, working with Gomdolee brings a number of key advantages to our partners. Gomdolee can execute transactions without the need for external financing. Moreover, Gomdolee can arrange investments to meet a wide range of operational conditions.

Gomdolee utilizes ‘grow together’ mindset including both organic growth as well as acquisition strategies. Gomdolee can assist operating partners with:

  • Executing the core business strategies and performance objectives.
  • Analyzing and enhancing key performance metrics.
  • Evalutating acquisitions and capital investments.
  • Provisioning macroeconomic insight.

Most importantly, Gomdolee has an understanding for the challenges of building a business. We have never forgetten that our success is fundamentally based on the success of our partners. Gomdolee believes that core philosophy should infuse all that we do at Gomdolee.



Kyung Il Stephen Yang

Portfolio Manager