Gomdolee to Delay Restructuring

Gomdolee would halt transition process into the holdings company (ex. berkshire hathaway) In late 2015, Yang Family decided to form a holings company to promote and manage Family fortune. We have registered Gomdolee as a Blog to hold naming rights in Canada for the time being. For the past 4 years, we have worked deligently with lawyers and accountants but due to Covid 19, it seems impossible for us to restructure Gomdolee as of now. However, it still is our ultimate goal to form holding company.

Currently, most of Gomdolee’s asset was under family memebers’ personal finances.

This does not change our view nor investment principles.

Lawyers and accountants would resume the process when the right time comes.


Thank You.

Gomdolee Goes All Cash

As of November 5th of 2020, we will be halting any investments. We have been liquidating stocks and fixed incomes throughout the pandemic. At the momement, we are very pleased and humbled to be where we are at. We are able to beat the market even with the extreme volatilities. We still hold tiny amount of hedging puts from last month. We will resume investing activities when the right time comes.

This is not an investment advice. Invest at your own risk.


Thank you.



Regarding G-Star

Due to high numbers of meeting requests, we would be unable or late to reply. We are working hard to ‘watch’ and ‘study’ companies that requested meetings. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thank you.

Gomdolee to Reinitiate Small Caps

We are pleased to announce that we would be adding small caps and start ups for our portfolio starting this fourth quarter. At the moment, we are extremely content with our performance through out the first three quarters. We would be announcing joint partnerships and new initiatives soon.

Thank You.

Regarding Relocation

Due to manager’s personal matter, Gomdolee would be relocating its physical head quarter to South Korea. We are currently looking around two years for this matter. Only the physical office is moved to South Korea. This does not mean that we are innitiating any business in South Korea, as we still stand extremely bearish on South Korean market and hedge KRW out to USD. We will update the address of new HQ soon.

Thank You

Regarding IPs

We are unfortunate to announce that we would not be opening more investment towards a filming industry. Currently, we are fully focused on the US equity market. Leveraging more towards filming industry is too much of risk for us to handle at the moment since we are small private family office with limited human capitals. It was a difficult decision for us but sometimes we really need to focus on the particular market.

Thank you