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Market Insight 10/12/18

Remeber earlier this year?

(SPY, 10/11/18)


There were two major falls during earlier this year and every experts were talking about the correction and possibility of entering into a recession. Oh well, after in just 6 months, SPY has broken into a new high.

How are the world going to have a financial crisis when everyone is looking for one? That is not a financial crisis nor recession, but a correction. Isn’t it?

The usuales of the usual process works in every sessions except financial crisis

Currently, the market sentiment has become extremely bearish. Not only the world is worried about the geopolitical issues but also slowing down of world economy. IMF has just issued a statmenet recently that the world economic growth rate is reduced except the US. Remember? in 2008 financial crisis, Lehmans was the trigger.

If the investor is long.

If the investor is short



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