Market Insight 12/09/2017

Recently, the tech sector was hit with heavy correction. Flash drops occured to those stocks which were beating the market by huge percentage, sure enough many Wall Street experts claim that the Trump tax cuts was a trigger to the upcoming recession. However, for almost 10 days, tech sector has been facing massive sellings. The hottest sector of 2017 came as no exception. Most of semiconductor stocks fell below MA50. The Wall Street experts claim as more and more uncertainty grows out of the digital coins, such as bitcoin, semiconductor sector hits the top.


(SMH, 12/07/2017)

No, the market does not work as simple as that.


(IYF, 12/07/2017)

It is healthy sector rotation. Most financial stocks started to rise when SMH started to fall. Here is an easy comparison between IYF with SMH.

‘Market is a collective result of all transactions from buyers and sellers who use their own rationale. Aboslutely, no one can possibly know the thoughts of the whole market. Thus, one can only view the net result of all buyers and sellers.’

‘What matters most is risk control. Bull markets do no move up in straight lines. There are always pull backs or stalls at times.’

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