Current affairs these days cannot get any uglier. Many investors already suffered flash drops in August.

As usual, many ‘experts’ and Wall Street ‘insiders’ creep through the wall of shame calling for bear markets, recession, stock market crash, and so on. Yet, the Dow Jones Index has now climbed up to the current level of 22,000. Investors have to understand that the long term market cycles are not affected by any of media, economic numbers, company fundamentals, and analysts’s predictions.

From 2012, Dow has chunked up more than 10,000. During this,  there were …

In 2012, North Korean Rocket Launch

In 2013, US Government Shut Down, Ukraine War

In 2014, Rise of ISIS, Russian Rumble Tumbles

In 2015, Paris Terrorist Attack, China Stock Flash Crash

In 2016, Brexit, US Debt Ceiling

In 2017, North Korean Missile Crisis


(Market Q, 09/06/2017)

However, still US market remained bullish.

Market is a collective result of all transactions from buyers and sellers who use their own rationale. Aboslutely, no one can possibly know the thoughts of the whole market. Thus, one can only view the net result of all buyers and sellers.

What matters most is risk control. Bull markets do no move up in straight lines. There are always pull backs or stalls at times.