Market Insight 07/12/17

For past two weeks, retails in Korean stock market enjoyed some roller coaster ride Many retails invested in NCsoft Corp., a South Korean online gamemaker, that relaesed the movile version of its mega-hit ‘Lineage’


NCsoft Corp., Chart Movement, about 400days

About 50% of the trading volume is saturated above US $300. This indicates that the investors came in for the short term trading, seeking gains from the anticipation or the actual release of ‘Lineage M’.

NCsoft suffered huge drop by about 11 percent around 2:30pm on June 20th, a day before launching. There was a market speculation that ‘Lineage M’ was going to be launched without tradable items and trading market. Moreover, its executive vice president was accused of engaging in insider trading which resulted massive short selling of the stock.

For those unfamiliar with gold (in this case, iden)-farming, it’s the practice of gathering money in online games, then selling it to players for cash in real world.

Much of the hype has now quitened. Retails are hanging onto the day to day app sales data. There are much to update in the game. However, it is questionable whether the retail money can endure the market for the time being.

Stock trading is simple. More buying power than selling power, then stock rises, and if more sellering power than buying power, then stock falls. However, this simplicity is built upon perpetual complexity. All investments invovle risk. The data is just one of many factors in trading. Rising sales and great guidance can contribute to the higher probability of the stock’s rising but do not ‘gurantee’ it. Past performance does not gurantee future results. The risks are maybe over-shadowed by the good factors of the company. Perhaps, one of many algorithms seeked better profit in shorting. Really who knows.

I hope many investors who are trading NCsoft recently understand the above. I read many complaint and impatience among retail investors trading NCsoft. Recent NCsoft trading is just a pure example of why one should never trade the stocks narrow-minded.

Currently, we do not hold any positions on NCsoft. We are not giving nor providing any positions nor opinions towards NCsoft. Invest at your own risk.