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Market Insight 5/18/2017

Yesterday, the recent trump controversies triggered the biggest loss for Dow since September. Investors deserted financials and techs that contributed to 1.78% drop for Dow Jones and 2.57% drop for Nasdaq each.

(Market Q, 05/18/2017)

Market sentiment has calmed down since President Trump fired his FBI chief. Many anaylsts and investors bring back the memories of early January 1973. The S&P did not recover for almost eight years.

(Market Q, 05/18/2017)

Most sentiments are still bullsih for the US market. However, Wall Street analysts predic that the bullish sentiment could hit the wall. When the market shows a slight sign, there could be a panic sell. Yesterday, many investors turned to the energy, utilities, and real estate.

Investor should approach the market with an extreme caution.



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